Saturday, December 3, 2011

The BEST Time to Buy a Used RV

Yesterday, I discussed the "BEST" Time to buy an RV, with the emphasis on New RVs.
Today, I will discuss the BEST Time to buy a Used RV.

First of all, the process of Buying a Used RV is a little different than Buying a New RV. Used RVs, whether they are of the Motorhome, Travel Trailer, 5th Wheel or Toy Hauler variety, differ greatly in model year, overall condition and, of course, price.

Used RVs are unique and have their own characteristics.
Used RVs are often Highly Sought after in the Spring of each year.

Sales of Used RVs are VERY Strong in January through June and tend to slow down during mid-Summer, Fall & Winter. This is a common, well understood trend that saavy RV Dealers understand fully. So Pricing on Used RVs tends to be higher and LESS NEGOTIABLE in the Spring.

So when IS the BEST TIME to buy a Used RV?

There are Two Answers to this question

#1 When Sales of Used RVs are slower - in other words, Mid-Summer through December of any given calender year. Here is why - RV Dealers tie up Cash Money in their Used Inventory and when RV Sales slow down in the fall & winter, they really want to convert that inventory into cash!
 If You want to save money on a Used RV, Your BEST Opportunity to do so lies in Buying an RV during these slower seasons. 

#2 When You find an RV You Like - let me explain. For the first 6 months of every year there is, almost, a FRENZY of used RV Buyers in the market.
Most of them have a very good idea of their Budget & their RV Requirements.
Most of them have looked at a few Used RVs already, so they can compare 
Most of them have got their Financing (if required) in order to make the purchase and
Most of them WILL buy the moment they find what they like.
I often have folks come into the dealership who "just missed" on a Used RV they hesitated in buying and are now in a mad panic to find one BERFORE it gets sold. Don't let this be You.


As Alberta's NO BULL RV Salesman I am here to help YOU find your PERFECT RV. I Welcome you to Call Me, Email Me, Let Me know what you are looking for in an RV, the Price or Payment Range you have Budgeted and Your Time Frame for Buying an RV and
I will put you on THE LIST.

Most of my Happiest Clients have been on THE LIST and they can testify that being on THE LIST Simplified their Shopping Experience and the Used RV I found for them was
EXACTLY what they were looking for!

THE LIST is my record of prospective Clients and what they desire in an RV.
It is My LIST and I don't pass it on to others.
You can Relax because I Promise You I WILL NOT PESTER You with a barrage of phone calls begging you to buy from me. I am here to help you find what you're looking for and quite frankly, I am far too busy serving clients to spend my time chasing you down. NO BULL! 

Here's How it Works: You tell me what you are looking for & I'll keep a Sharp Eye out for Your PERFECT RV! I watch our USED RV Inventory closely and monitor RV Trades that are coming in. If I am able to find something suitable for you I Will:

EMAIL You ONCE, showing detailed photos of the RV, the weight, price etc
and I will Call You ONCE offering You the Opportunity to Buy it.
It's that Simple.

If I am able to help you Great! You'll be pleased with My After Sale Service.
If not, no big deal - let me know if you are still looking and I'll Keep Working for You!

Let Me Help - You'll Be Glad You Did!
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